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  • Blagojevich Not Coming Back for Resentencing
    According to his attorney, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has chosen not to appear in person at his resentencing next month in Chicago and will instead make his first appearance in a public forum in four years via video from a Colorado prison.The 59-year-old Democrat had originally planned to return to his hometown, but reluctantly agreed with officials that the logistics of the 1,000 mile journey would cause complications.Blagojevich has granted no interviews in prison, so the resentencing will be the first chance to see how his appearance has changed behind bars.Information provided by the State Journal-Register
  • Ted Nugent Concert Change of Venue
    Due to overwhelming requests, the Ted Nugent concert on Saturday, August 6, 2016 is being moved from Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois to Limelight Eventplex located at 8102 N...
  • Rauner Speaks on Legionnaire's Disease
    Gov. Bruce Rauner said the state is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of Legionnaires' disease at a veterans home where the outbreak last year sickened 52 people and killed 12.Rauner visited the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy on Wednesday, a day after officials announced that two more residents of the home were sickened and less than a month after a nearly $5 million water treatment plant and delivery system was unveiled at the facility.The home has stopped admitting new residents.In a news release, Rauner's office said further water restrictions may be put in place until the source of a news cases can be identified. It cautioned, though, that the source may never be identified. It cautioned, though, that the source of may never be identified due to the nature of the bacteria that cause the disease, which can be inhaled in water vapor.Federal officials have said the bacteria that caused the outbreak last year were likely spread by an aging water system at the 129-year-old facility.Information provided by the State Journal-Register
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    Fox’s Eben Brown Was at the Trump Presser When He Made Sarcastic Russian Remarks–Wiki Leaks Audio from DNC Reveals Some Selfish and Cold-Hearted Requests and Remarks–Krauthammer Audio on Trump’s Remarks–Reparations Website?–VA Misspends $20M–Signs of the Apocalypse 
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    Fox’s Hank Weinbloom Reviews DNC Nigh3 and Previews DNC Final Night–Krauthammer Clip Talking About Trump’s Russian Remarks–Busey Bank Financial Segment: Economic Outlook for McLean County–Cop Denied Service at Virginia Restaurant–VA Blows $20M on Art Instead of Vets
  • Morning Buzz 7/28/16 6am
    Trump’s Sarcastic Russian Remarks–Krauthammer Says Trump Laid a Nice Traps for Dems with Russian Comments–Jesse Waters on Immigration–Trumps Verbally Slaps NBC Reporter for Trying to Save Hillary
  • Morning Buzz 7/28/16 5am
    Eye Opener–Wiki Leaks Voice Mails–Bernie Laves the Party–VA Spends $20M on Art???–Krauthammer Says Trumps “Russian” remarks Set a Trap for Dems They Could Not Resist Stepping In 
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