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  • Historic World Series Won't Be Cheap For Cub Fans
    You're going to need thousands of dollars if you want to watch the Chicago Cubs in the World Series at Wrigley Field...
  • 11-Hundred State Employees Getting Bonuses
    Just over a thousand state workers are getting a little something extra for a job very well done. Governor Rauner's office says they're awarding eleven-hundred non-union state workers with one time bonus checks of about three-thousand dollars each. All of the workers who'll get a bonus make under 100-thousand dollars and are 'merit-comp' employees not covered by the state's union contracts.
  • Illinois Pumpkin Crop Looking Good
    If Illinois' pumpkins are looking good, chances are everyone else's pumpkins are looking good too. Illinois grows about 90-percent of the pumpkins sold across the country. And farmers say this year's pumpkin crop looks good. They say the right mix of rain and heat has paid over with a bevy of beautiful orange gourds.
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  • Morning Buzz 10/24/16 8am
    Fox’s Jeff Monasso: Cubs’ Fever in Chicago–Boy in a Coma Wakes Up Speaking Spanish…Imagine if Politicians Got Hit in the Head and Spoke The Truth–Dems and Over Ssampling–Your Calls
  • Morning Buzz 10/24/16 7am
    Fox’s Rachel Sutherland: Weekend Politics–Polls–Fox’s Tonya Ja Powers: AT&T/Time Warner Merger–Pentagon Demands SOldiers Pay Back Combat Bonuses
  • Morning Buzz 10/24/16 6am
    Polls–Troop Bonuses Pulled–ATT/Time Warner: A Dangerous Merger–Trump in Gettysburg–Podesta WikiLeaks Email: Over Sample the Democrats
  • Morning Buzz 10/24/16 5am
    Eye Opener–Your Calls
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