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  • State Agencies Want More Money
    (photo courtesy Springfield, IL - State Agencies are already looking for Governor-elect Bruce Rauner to give them more money.  Rauners says the agencies will be short by more than 760 million dollars because spending levels were kept high even though their budget had been cut.  A deal could be made that would cover the shortfall, but Rauner hasn’t said if he would support that, but he did say if money were approved it would only add to the state’s multi-billion dollar debt. Rauner wants to overhaul the whole state’s budget structure.  He says there will be some tax reforms as well, and although he did not give specific details he did say he wouldn’t tax retirement income. He also said the state’s financial hole is even deeper than he thought.  The current backlog already exceeds five-billion-dollars.
  • School Board Members Comments May Lead to Removal
    (12-16-14) Gurnee, IL - A school board in the state is calling for one of its members to resign.  Liz Biondi is a member of the Warren Township School Board and during a public meeting earlier this month she said the district should be careful about hiring a gay superintendent.  Biondi said she was concerned a gay superintendent may be “fighting more personal fires than superintendent fires.”  The school board voted to condemn the remarks and they want Biondi to resign.  She can only be removed by the Lake County regional superintendent.
  • More Pension Lawsuits
    (12-16-14) Chicago, IL – This time it’s not against the state, but four unions have filed a suit against the city of Chicago’s pension law. Union leaders say their benefits were diminished because the law reduced annual increases for employees that use the Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund, and now requires current workers to pay more money. This could be a violation of the state’s constitution.   
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