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  • Mays Guilty of Murder
    (11/23/14) Bloomington, IL - A McLean County jury found Michael Mays of Bloomington guilty of  the murder of Aaron Robinson in May of 2013...
  • Deer Hunting Season this Year
    (11/23/14) Pope County, IL - Deer hunting is huge in Southern Illinois, especially in Pope County. This weekend is the first half of shotgun deer hunting season and hunters from all over the state are converging on the area. Their time to use shotguns to hunt deer goes through Sunday and the second shotgun period comes around December 4th-7th. About 75,000 deer were harvested last season, down from nearly 100,000 the year before.
  • Gun Sales and Concealed Carry Permits Up
    (11/22/14) Ferguson, MO - With all of the tension in Ferguson itís no surprise that gun sales are up. Steve King is the owner of a local gun store and he says itís people buying the tools to protect themselves rather than anyone buying anything to try and cause more unrest...
  • Champaign Theatre Cancels Cosby Show
    (11/22/14) Champaign, IL - The Virginia Theatre in Champaign has joined venues across the country and is canceling a planned appearance by comedian Bill Cosby, who is at the center of a firestorm of sexual assault allegations...
  • New Action on State Pension Law
    (11/22/14) Springfield, IL-Sangamon County Judge John Belz has struck down the state's pensions law, ruling it unconstitutional and that lawmakers cannot reduce or diminish state worker or retiree benefits.Unions had been very upset about the law, saying that language was clear on not being able to tamper with the benefits...
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