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  • OSF, Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL Reach Agreement
    If you receive insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, you will be able to continue getting care at OSF Healthcare Hospitals.  OSF says the two entities have reached and agreement so you can have uninterrupted access to treatment.
  • Indicted Former Bloomington Coliseum Leaders Sue For Unpaid Fees
    The indicted former managers of Bloomington's city-owned coliseum are suing, to get money they say they're owed. Local prosecutors indicted five former managers back in September for stealing at least a million dollars. Yesterday the former managers sued for 67 thousand-dollars they say they're still owed for suites and sponsorships at the coliseum.
  • Governor Rauner: No Guarantee Illinois Will Get Another State Budget
    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is telling investors that there is no guarantee the state will get a new budget anytime soon. The governor included a line in this month's offer to bond buyers that the state's fiscal future is anything but certain. The presentation said there can 'be no assurances' that a budget will be enacted in future fiscal years.
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  • Morning Buzz 11/22/17 8am
  • Morning Buzz 11/22/17 7am
  • Morning Buzz 11/22/17 6am
    Your Calls–CIAM Sues City of Bloomington as 5 of its Mgrs Face 111 Counts of Fraud/Theft of over $1M–Levin Gets TV Show–Wide World of Congressional Groping Update–Mueller Now Seeks Memos, Letters, Files and Documents from Obama, Holder and Lynch in Russia Probe
  • Morning Buzz 11/22/17 5am
    Eye Opner–What They Said on TV–All Things Local: CIAM Managers Charges with 111 Counts of Theft of Nearly a Million Dollars from the CIty Now Sues Bloomington for $67,000 in Commisions!!! Rauner Can’t Guarantee a New State Budget This Year
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