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  • Nestle to Sell Plants Including Bloomington for $2.8 B
    Nestle announced it is selling its plants in Illinois including Bloomington for $2.8 billion to Ferrero.  All 415 employees locally are expected to keep their jobs.
  • McLean County Approves Recycling Plan That Could Lead to Mandatory Recycling
    McLean County board members voted today on a plan that could lead to mandatory recycling down the road.   The county's solid waste committee approved a plan by a 10-8 vote that includes a provision to allow towns and cities to turn to mandatory recycling if not enough people volunteer.  Republicans on the county board said people should not be forced and Democrats said sometimes people need "a little encouragement."
  • Bloomington's Downtown Task Force Gets Its Say Tonight
    A special session of the Bloomington City Council will meet tonight at the request of mayor Renner with the Bloomington Downtown Task Force, the Bloomington Library and Connect Transit to hear the Task Force's catalyst plan to reinvigorate the downtown area. The plan includes tearing down the Market Street parking ramp to build a new library and public bus transfer station and leaving a little parking area left over. The library board and most aldermen favor have already stated they favor leaving the library at it current Olive Street location and expanding it.
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