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  • Taxpayer Funded Windmills?
    It's not too late to voice your opinion in person.December 8th and 9th are the newly announced meeting dates to discuss the effort to bring even more windmills to the area.The windmills, paid for in part by tax money, will be developed by Invenergy, and placed in Livingston county, including Fairbury, Strawn, and Chatsworth...
  • Is Biking Through Normal in Freezing Temperature a Good Idea?
    Here's your chance to let town officials know.The Town of Normal, recently championing bike paths as a centerpiece for the town's new "master" plan, is giving you a chance to let your opinion be heard.There’s a new online survey just released by the town of Normal that lets you weigh in on the town’s “5 year master plan.”  The "master" plan will redesign the look and feel of the future of Normal...
  • Did Ethics & Politics Kill Bloomington Land Deal?
    Bloomington city council met last night to deny a $750,000 grant to purchase land that would have gone to Central Catholic High School for a football field.At issue were ethics, as Alderman Jim Fruin didn’t tell everyone he was on the board of the high school.The owners of the land, FOB development, is owned by the Deneen family, big supporters of Bloomington Senator Bill Brady.State Senator Brady is taking credit for the state grant he was somehow able to secure from the bankrupt state of Illinois...
  • Frerichs Needs a Replacement in State Senate
    (11/25/14) Sangamon County, IL - Mike Frerich needs a replacement for his State Senate position.  He was elected earlier this month to be the State Treasurer.  Currently the Democrat Party Chairmen in Champaign and Vermillion county are looking for his replacement.  Only six qualified candidates remain on their list and they should have a decision by early next week. 
  • Rauner Ready for Massive Education Cuts
     (11/25/14) Illinois - A leader of higher education in Illinois is telling the state's universities to be prepared for massive cuts.Illinois Board of Higher Education Executive Director James Applegate said he was issuing the "bad budget news" after meeting with Governor-elect Bruce Rauner's budget transition team.With the temporary tax increase set to expire, there could be a $2 billion gap in the state's current fiscal year budget.Applegate says Rauner's team told the higher education board to prepare a fiscal year 2016 budget, including a 20 percent reduction statewide.
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