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  • Illinois State Board Of Elections: Election Is Not Rigged
    The Illinois State Board of Elections is assuring voters the November election is not rigged. The State Board issued an open letter yesterday, trying to roll back claims that somehow the fix is in. The letter explains how the state handles election day, tests voting machines, and guards against any kind of hack. The State Board suggests anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the state's elections should volunteer to be a poll watcher.
  • Illinois Soldier Killed In Afghanistan
    Family and friends are mourning after a soldier from Illinois was killed in Afghanistan.  The Department of Defense announced that Army Sergeant Douglas Riney of Fairview died yesterday from wounds received during an encounter with "hostile enemy forces" in Kabul.  The 26-year-old entered active duty in July of 2012 as a petroleum supply specialist.  His awards include the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.
  • Illinois Loses Manufacturing Jobs, Unemployment Holds Steady
    It's now how many jobs Illinois lost last month that stings, it's which jobs. The latest unemployment report shows the state's jobless rate held steady at five-and-a-half percent. But the same report says Illinois lost 800 manufacturing jobs. The national jobless rate is five-percent.
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