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  • Rauner Meets the Locals
    (1-26-15) Springfield, IL - Governor Rauner is making an attempt to mingle with the locals in Springfield. The Governor went out in the city in his old green van on Saturday and even sat in the stands for a boys’ basketball tournament.  The locals say their impressed Rauner is getting to know people, but some are concerned.  Some people think Rauner might be making the overwhelming effort so people won’t be so upset about potential cuts the state may make in the future.  
  • Pertussis in McLean County
    (1-26-15) McLean County, IL - The McLean County Health Department wants to warn residents about an outbreak of Pertussis commonly known as whooping cough that has involved both adults and children.  Pertussis is not life threatening for pre-teens, teens and adults, but can cause serious complications in infants and young children that have not been vaccinated.Pertussis is a contagious bacterial illness that is spread from person to person .  Symptoms can appear in as little as 5 days or up to 21 days after infection, and may first appear to be the common cold.  Those infected with Pertussis  experience a persistent and increasingly irritating cough.    Most children receive the vaccine before kindergarten, but parents can contact their Doctors to see if their children need a booster.And The McLean County Health Department has both Tdap and DTaP vaccinations available to County residents through the Immunization Clinic.  Appointments can be made to get either of the booster shots by calling, 309-888-5455 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m...
  • Potential $300 Million for Illinois Child Care
    (1-26-15) Springfield, IL - One Senator is working to make sure funds are available for child care programs in Illinois.  State Senator Emil Jones wants lawmakers to approve 300 million dollars for child care programs.  The money would help low income working families pay for child care.  The program that usually offered support has run out of money, so daycares are turning kids away.  Senator Jones says that is putting a real hardship on Illinois families.
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