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  • Illinois Lawmakers In Stare Down Over Budget
    Illinois' top Republicans and top Democrats are demanding the other side deliver a budget.  And both are refusing to be the first.  Legislative leaders ended their latest meeting with Governor Rauner yesterday no closer to a state budget.  Illinois' stopgap budget expires in a month and both sides are still far apart on a new one.
  • New Hearing for Bloomington Mayor Signature
    The Bloomington Election Commission delays a hearing on the race for mayor. Kevin Gerrard challenged Mayor Tari Renner's nominating petitions as invalid. Petitions, with voter signatures are necessary for candidates to be placed on the ballot. Questions arose at the last hearing about improper public notice. The new hearing is set for 9 am Thursday at the Government Center.
  • U Of I Won't Become 'Sanctuary' Campus
    Leaders at the University of Illinois say they're going to do everything they can to help immigrant students at their three campuses.  But the U of I is not going to become a "sanctuary campus."  Students petitioned the school not to share information with the federal government that could expose students not legally in the country.  But U of I President Tim Killeen says that may actually hurt the school on some fronts.
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