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  • Lots Of Talk, Little Action On School Funding At Illinois Capitol
    Most of the Illinois lawmakers who bothered to show up at the latest special session spent their day at the Capitol at press conferences.  Lawmakers didn't do very much during yesterday's return to the statehouse in Springfield.  Governor Rauner held two news conferences where he once again asked Democrats to release their school funding plan so he can change it.  Democratic legislative leaders held their own news conferences, explaining that they'll release the plan next week.
  • Madigan Has His Say
    House Speaker Michael Madigan is accusing Gov. Bruce Rauner of a “no compromise” position on a school funding bill that’s the source of the latest gridlock at the state Capitol. The Chicago Democrat says the proposal is fair to all schools. The Republican governor has vowed to change it through his amendatory veto powers. Rauner says Chicago Public Schools receive a “bailout” in the bill, but he hasn’t detailed what he’d change in it. The special session is expected to continue through Friday and then again on Monday.
  • Town of Normal , Unit 5 Joint Committee
    Town of Normal and McLean County Unit 5 officials hope resurrecting a joint committee will make both more stable and less susceptible to external obstacles. A Normal, Unit 5 joint committee could meet in August. The committee would include members from both entities, meeting quarterly to discuss collaboration possibilities and keep eachother informed of their statuses. Last year's Rivian Automotive deal sparked an interest in the committee, after Unit 5 expressed frustration that the tax break deal had been sprung on them at the last minute.
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